Where have I been? Why I’ve not been blogging this year……

So firstly how can I apologise enough for my absence this year!!!!! My blog was taking off really well last year and I vowed to make a proper go of it. After all I love to write, it’s like free therapy! But what happened? I guess I went through some challenging times and I just stopped writing. I sunk myself into the world of social media, home improvement and comping because writing just seemed like another thing to do on my ever lasting to do list.
I forgot how therapeutic it was for me and went inside myself for a little bit. Mainly I didn’t know how I felt about what was happening in my life and how to proceed – so how could I possibly write about it if I didn’t even understand it all myself?

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January Wins

Another great month with £740 worth of prizes, I had a dry spell the first 2 weeks of Jan but that just fuelled my comping passion even more and I entered loads of comps, probably around 100 a day and it paid off. This month I also had a decent amount of freebies and products to review which made up for the initial lack of wins. I hope January has been kind to you all. Here is January’s haul.

My Wins

A block of Wyke farms cheese. They run regular #FreeCheeseFriday comps that I’ve been entering for ages, this is definitely one of my most wanted wins. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how small the prize is, it’s just the thrill of the win!


A leisure club pass from hallmark hotels using their online scratchcard game they were giving away meal vouchers and hotel stays. I entered every day of the month only winning 30% off a meal each time but I finally hit a good one at 9pm on a Sunday.

A winter car survival kit on twitter, a simple retweet to win.


One of my favourite wins was a kids scooter that I won via Aptimils purchase necessary draw, you had to buy 3 packs of toddler milk and upload your receipts to win 1 of 100 scooters, I spent £30 on milk and the scooter is worth £60 so a prize with £30 profit in my book!27332069_10155701505317481_28193120883587225_n-e1517478422294.jpg

A toppsta kids book. Sign up here Toppsta and enter their monthly giveaways. You win the book in exchange for a review. I’ve put this is in my wins rather than reviews as I actually won it on their facebook page where they ran a separate draw to the online one. You just had to comment saying what book your little one was currently reading.


Another of my fave wins was the starwars bb-8 robot worth £130. I bought some Duracell batteries for £7 in Tesco as part of their purchase necessary draw which are always handy with a toddler so again a great profit on my prize.


A bottle of Shloer soft drink on their facebook page, you had to like and comment your favourite curry, I chose sweet potato and coconut and they chose my comment as the winner.

Some hedgehog food from Spikes on facebook, a simple like and comment. I’ve donated this to my little boys nursery as its also a forest school that attracts lots of wildlife.


A Tonka truck from ukmumstv that I’ve won twice with now. I had no notification that I had won – it just arrived through the post!


A hamper from Listers farm shop for choosing the next Great British Pork Slogan! You can read all about it here NPA Slogan Winner this won me a hamper worth £100!


£10 on the postcode lottery. You have to pay each month to enter and I only signed up in December after one of my friends missed out on £13,000 when her area won the millions draw! That was motivation enough!


A fab freebie haul this month, the best one being meal kits through Simply Cook. They usually cost £9 a box but you can get your first one for just £1 with code RM2053 then just cancel after your first one is delivered or refer your friends to get free boxes, this is what I did and 10 of my friends signed up which meant I was delivered 10 free boxes worth £90! They contain all the spices, herbs and sauces to cook delicious dinners, you just add the meat and the veg. They do veggie aswell as Gluten Free options. The box for just £1 really is excellent value. Sign up here Simply Cook and use code RM2053 at checkout to reduce the price to £1.


Toothpaste via boots app. Download and enter you boots card number to see offers and freebies tailored to your shopping habits. I got a free toothpaste when I bought a kids toothbrush. The price is automatically deducted at the till. Don’t forget to pick up your free magazine whilst your there with your card too!

27337292_10155701507872481_4869062903557924739_n27657952_10155701507607481_2020902968607910230_nBaby food free via checkout smart. Download the app and upload receipts to get cashback on your purchases making them free. You need to get £20 worth of cashback before you can withdraw without a fee. I’m saving my cashback from all my apps (TopcashbackQuidcoClicksnapGreenJinn, Shopmium – enter code AACGAFEN to grab a free chocolate bar on me) for Christmas 2018 to make my Christmas shopping free27459123_10155701507512481_2402755122671650479_n

I got this watch free via jewellery bank. You had to pay postage and you can choose various freebies (only one per transaction) check out their freebies here Jewellery Bank

All these freebies were via Shopmium app. Since I found out about it I’ve had £74 worth of food and drink for free using my credits. There is always a couple of freebies in the app aswell as great offers on big brands. This month I got all these for free. Don’t forget to use code AACGAFEN when you join to get your free chocolate bar!

Graze boxes. I got 2 free boxes delivered, one via a voucher that was sent to my inbox and one via their sign up offer. You get your 1st, 5th and 10th box free when you sign up here Graze and use code RODERI9JP. You can cancel at any time even after your first free one if you want to!


Other freebies I found on Latest Free Stuff and Magic Freebies which included baby toiletries, wipes and coffee pods.


Free Products in exchange for a review 

The Boots Review Panel has been kind to me this month, I’ve received £152 worth of beauty products to review! You get to keep full sized products in exchange for a review. Sign up here Boots Volunteers here are the products I was sent.

I was also sent some elemis face cream from Glamour Beauty Club to try which was worth £24.


Next months goal is to attempt to win an Ipad as ours has recently died so I’m on a tablet mission! Wish me luck and happy comping!

MoreForMummy x

This post contains affiliate links but my opinions do not reflect those of the brands mentioned.

Daily Comps for cash prizes

These are some of the free daily comps I enter. Yes they are boring to enter but the prizes are usually big cash amounts and I’ve seen so many fellow compers miss out on their prize because they didn’t check them each day. Personally I have won £10 once on them so not a massive amount but I’m keeping the faith that one day I will scroll through and see my name! I do know people who have won so they are genuine. They are all free to enter and require you to log on each day to see if you have won. If you don’t log in and claim your prize that day you will lose it. You can set daily email reminders to make sure you don’t forget. I usually check them last thing at night as that’s when all the daily draws have taken place (as they draw at different times throughout the day) and also it sends me to sleep as they are a bit mind numbing! Some of these lotteries have prize funds into their £1000s so it’s worth it to check in my book!

Set this post as a bookmark in your browser for quick and easy access.

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What I won in December and how I did it.

Welcome to 2018!

Another fantastic year for comping in 2017 with £8286 worth of prizes making it my best year yet. I’d love to smash this year by doubling my winnings so I’m going to aim for £16,000 as 2018’s comping goal! There are some amazing compers out there to look up to and one of my comping idols is Di Coke who has won over £300,000 worth of prizes in her comping career and has a fantastic blog over on SuperLucky Di is proof that it can be done so wish me luck!

December was good to me as I got to enjoy a Spa Break in The Cotswolds with 3 of my friends that I won with Chase Distillery. It was a simple online prize draw so definitely a bit of luck involved with this one! The prize was worth over £1500 as we had all our drinks and food included too! We enjoyed cocktails of Chase vodka and gin (my new very firm favourite) some wonderful treatments and stayed in the hotels top suites complete with a freestanding copper bath! We were lucky enough to have snow whilst we there which was just magical (until we had to drive home that is) but this was 100% one of my best prizes ever!


Now on to my december comping total which stands at with £337 and here’s what I won:

Another box of nappy creams and a cuddly toy – sent by a panel I review products for, you can join them here TheInsiders I think this was a prize for the most active reviewers on the site.


Phonics book kit – UkMumsTV prize draw


In The Night Garden Magnets – online sweepstakes where 1000s were given out as part of a Christmas Advent


Coca Cola truck snow globe – sent for free by their Twitter page in response to a compliment post I sent them see more about this here How I had a £1000 Christmas for just £100.


Years supply of bubble gum – I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with a years supply of bubble gum, I’m thinking stocking fillers for next year perhaps? This was won in a Twitter photo competition. You had to send a selfie of you blowing a bubble! This hasn’t arrived yet so I’ll be sure to share a pic when it does but for now here’s the winning photo instead!


Tractor ted set – Facebook like and comment (my little boy LOVES It!)


Candle collection – a set of Only & Eves entire candle collection retailing at £120! A simple Facebook like and comment.


Fingerling – Facebook like and comment (my friends little girl was very pleased!)


Fleece jumpsuit – Instagram like and comment


Coffee and mince pies for 4 at my local pub – Facebook like and comment


I also had a fab month freebie hunting which I do alongside my comping and managed to bag these goodies:

Peppa pig DVD – sky were giving away a free film to customers

Energy gels – found via Latest Free Stuff my fave freebie hunting site

Graze – grab your 1st, 5th and 10th box for free by joining and entering RODERI9JP in the ‘special code’ code box. There’s no obligation to continue so just get your free one then cancel if you don’t fancy subscribing. They deliver delicious healthy snacks to your door as often as you like, you can choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Simply Cook boxes – these usually cost £9.99 each but I paid £1 for my first box and got 2 free for referring friends. They contain ingredients to cook delicious meals with. Again if you don’t fancy subscribing just get your first box for £1 then cancel. You can get your £1 box here SimplyCook and entering code RM2053 at checkout which will reduce the price. I can’t wait for my first one to arrive!

Various perfume and skincare Samples – found again via Latest Free Stuff
Pads – found on Magic Freebies (another freebie hunting site)

Book – Another Magic Freebies find

Cat food – Magic Freebies

Toothpaste and Toothbrush – I used the Shopmium App to get these for free. Download the app and enter code AACGAFEN to grab a free lindt chocolate bar. They do various freebies regularly as well as great discounts. Just add them to your basket at your local shop and get paid cashback instantly into PayPal when you upload your receipt.

Lipstick – Cougar Facebook page were giving loads of these away with a like and comment.

Toucan Box – another get your first box free deal which I was convinced I would cancel but I was so impressed with it that I think I’ll carry on with them. Grab your free one here Toucan Box and see what you think. You can cancel at any time.


Not bad at all for December which was mostly spent losing my shit getting very stressed over Christmas! I’m so glad it’s over and we can all get back to reality now! On that note please take a look at my blog How I had a £1000 Christmas for just £100. I’m hoping to beat this for Xmas 2018 by saving all my cashback from sites I use throughout the year. I’ve already made £24.82 cash in december via Topcashback! If you sign up to them now you can grab a £5 argos gift voucher to use for next year too. I’m also a big fan of Quidco and GreenJinn so Ill be saving the cashback from them too.

Wishing you all luck for a comping 2018 and please share your comping goals with me in a comment below. Also let me know if there’s anything in particular you really want to win this year and if I spot a comp for it I’ll be sure to tag you in it!

Thanks for reading

MoreForMummy x


This post contains affiliate links but my opinions do not represent those of the brands mentioned and all views are my own.


How I had a £1000 Christmas for just £100.

Christmas…..the most magical and expensive time of the year! It’s stressful enough having to get all those gifts wrapped, prep the food, clean the house from top to bottom and sort out that fucking elf without having to worry about the looming credit card bills and overdraft in January. So I’m here to show you how I did my entire £1000 Christmas for only £100!

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October Wins

Welcome to another month of wins! This blog arrives very late due to life dramas and being away on holiday, I really would like to make more of an effort on blogging about things so I must try harder! For those of you that don’t know I’m a comper – someone who enters competitions on mass in the hope of getting a lovely freebie. Since becoming a stay at home mum I’ve had to find little ways to make ends meet and comping allows me and my family to have little treats we wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. I’ve managed to get pretty good at it over time and this year my current prize total stands at £7810 (including 3 holidays!) so it’s no surprise that it’s become a very addictive hobby! People always ask me how I do it and this is why I decided to blog about it. I really hope my readers get some lovely wins as a result!

My first win of the month came from Pushchair Expert – 3 travel grobags retailing at £70, this really couldn’t of come at a better time as we used them on our holiday to Lanzarote, they were perfectly light in the hot weather and come in handy little roll up bags so great to travel with. I really loved all the designs on them too! I won these simply by being a Pushchair Expert VIP, they get 25 automatic entries into all the competitions they run and you can also apply to test the latest products. To become a VIP you pay a yearly fee of £12. I’m usually very cautious about paying to enter comps so the only reason I did was because a fellow comper I know won a travel system with them so I decided to give it a shot. It took me 3 months to get a win but I’ve already made my annual fee back 5 times over so even if I never win anything again I’m pretty happy! Although I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t love another win!untitled1.jpgMy next win was with Nuxe facebook page in their ‘#instinctivebeauty’ campaign. You had to post a picture celebrating this theme and I chose to post one holding my son on his christening day as to me that was a truly beautiful and instinctive moment. They chose it as their winner and sent me the Crème Fraîche and Huile Prodigieuse which are their bestselling beauty products worth £55!

Next up was a twitter win on the frezyderm page – it was a simple retweet to win and I was really chuffed with this as it was a baby sensitive wash worth £10 for kids with eczema, my little boy gets regular flare ups so I always try everything I can to keep his skin in good condition. I’ll be honest it hasn’t really worked miracles so I’ve gone back to his prescribed wash from the gp but I still use it now and again as it is still very gentle on his skin and doesn’t overly upset it.

baby_bathMy 4th win of the month came from the jeekeo facebook page – a simple like and share that bagged me a foldup chopping board and soup ladle. It’s pretty nifty and I love the bright green colour!23519312_10155532164187481_6235942806149950934_nSainsbury’s ran their ‘swipe to win’ comp last month where you could win nectar points in any qualifying transaction over the promotional weekend simply by swiping your nectar card at the till. I was really lucky with this and won the top prize of £25 worth of nectar points twice plus 1 lot of £2.50 so a total win of £52.50 in points just for doing my normal bits and bobs shop! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for their next one! I spent the points as quickly as they arrived on all my holiday toiletries and suncream!

The next win was a chicco baby carier worth £30 that I won in a simple prize draw with  Bounty they run monthly competitions and I always enter every one. I absolutely adored baby wearing when Sonny was little but I sold my 2 carriers once he grew out of them as I needed the money but we have put this one up the loft for baby number 2 (godwilling one day!)23559511_10155531302457481_7750908303020622620_n.jpg

My next lot of wins came once again from The Insiders, you can find out more about them in the September Wins I received a box full of bepanthen nappy cream, some Betty Crocker cake mixes and 12 bottles of flavoured water, they send you products to test out and try for you to advertise your experience with them across social media and complete online reports about them, its a little time consuming but for £35 worth of freebies I’m not complaining!

I managed to win a cheeky raffle prize too, a big box of Roses chocolates which we very nearly missed out on as my husband bought the tickets and never answered the 3 phone calls to tell him he had won! He only found out when he listened to his voicemails by chance which he never usually does! I’ll be in charge of buying raffle tickets in the future!

Next up was a Danny Dingle kids book that made its way to me as part of a prize draw where they were giving 1000 copies away but you had to refer 2 friends to enter too before you were in with a shot, I shared my link on my facebook and thankfully 2 friends also entered which meant I was in the draw so thank you to you if you entered through my link!23031153_10155501311747481_695496387360369869_n.jpg

Another few little wins were a box of pantyliners to review from the Boots Review Panel (well every little helps!) an amazing grand total of 10p from topcashbacks hummingbird game and bottle of a2 milk which I won from filling in a questionnaire sent to me via email. I wanted to try it for Sonny’s eczema as I know some flare ups are related to lactose so I was pleased!

My final wins were via facebook – a personal training session from a like and share, (which I’ve had and very nearly died!) some swarovski earrings from Pewterhooter London – they were giving 5 a day away through like and share (I actually won this twice but I messaged them and told them to give my prize to someone else as they had already chosen me as a winner the day before!) and set of 10 photo magnets from lalalab from a creative comment and 3 bottles of Austrailian wine with OFX which I won by again by a creative comment.

I must not leave before I tell you about my favourite win of all……The Jazz Apple Slicer! Unless you are a diehard comper you probably won’t understand the greatness of this prize! In the comping world there are some prizes that are highly sought after, perhaps because they are difficult to win but they come with a sense of glory among comping forums (and yes I realise how sad this sounds!) and you can find out a little more about what I like to call ‘comping gold’ prizes in my fellow compers blog The Jammy Jigsaw who provided me with the prize as pat of a competition on one of her blog posts – Thank you Cara!23032530_10155499071357481_2845165932355198410_n.jpg

I just wanted to share with you a snippet of my recent holiday win to Milan that we took this month. I won it through a simple prize draw from Radio City, to be honest it wasn’t a full holiday, it was just flights to Milan and back so we spent quite a lot on food, drink and accommodation while we were there, a lovely experience but I will probably only enter for holiday comps that are flights and accommodation next time! Milan was absolutely stunning and I’m always grateful for new experiences that comping gives me but I have to bear in mind the additional cost a prize like this brings with it so moral of the story – read the small print! 23131833_10155498764472481_5912872294484963352_n.jpg

So really not a bad comping month at all with a total prize pot of around £450! I cant wait to see what the next few weeks brings as I will be comping hard in preparation for Christmas!! Good luck to all and lots of lucky dust….xx

September Wins

Hi Compers!

Welcome to my September wins post and what a fantastic month its been with £922 worth of prizes! Wowzers. I actually only ‘comped’ for an estimated 10 days as I was having a little break which I think did me the world of good! Sometimes you can get so bogged down with entering EVERYTHING for fear of ‘missing out’ you actually end up missing the lower entry ones so the lesson I’ve learnt is to just do what I can in the time I have and stop pressuring myself to scramble all the ending today and EOMS together to try to get them all entered. I’ll definitely be picking and choosing my comps more carefully from now on as I think I’ve won more as a result.

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August Wins

Hi comping friends! Well what can I say – the month started off badly with a few days dedicated to chasing prizes that never arrived but actually turned into a belter with over £750 worth of prizes arriving!
If you are new to my blog you can find out more about Why I ‘Comp’ here.
But before I start I must say a massive thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send a comment or message following my previous blog The Voice You Think But Shouldn’t Believe about my battle with anxiety. (disclaimer: don’t click if you don’t appreciate blue language!) I am truly touched by the love and support I have received. On that note this would be the perfect time to tell you about I prize I won yesterday which technically should be in my September Wins blog, but I think it would be wrong not to mention it now! I truly believe this prize will help to change my life! I’ve been lucky enough to win a place on a self-appreciation and mindfulness course that is going to be held in a beautiful spa in Chester. The prize is worth £160 and will be run by leading industry experts and the founder of the Restore Juice Company. I won this by a simple like, comment and share on Facebook. I am so excited to go on it and I am really hoping I can learn some calming techniques to improve my condition. I really wanted to win this one and I’m so grateful I did! It’s like the Gods are listening up there!

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The Voice You Think But Shouldn’t Believe.

Today I want to talk about my arsehole. No – not my actual arsehole – although if you want to talk post partum or ‘forever partum’ piles for that matter, I’m all ears. Note to self : I must try and write a blog that doesn’t mention body parts soon.

Anyway! My arsehole is what I like to call the fucking twat of a negative voice inside my head. The one that says I’m not a good enough mum, wife, weight, daughter and friend. The one that when I look in the mirror screams out my bad points instead of my good. The critical arsehole that simply never shuts up. The voice I think but shouldn’t believe.

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My July Wins

So this is my very first comping winning blog! If you don’t know me then let me introduce my hobby to you, I’m a ‘comper’ someone who enters 100s of competitions most days to help me and my family have treats we wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. I do this alongside surveys, product testing and matched betting to work from home on top of looking after my little boy Sonny. I usually manage to win an average of £400 worth of prizes per month and July didn’t disappoint with £460 worth of goodies to be exact. So without further ado here’s what I won this month and how I did it. Continue reading