Why I ‘Comp’.

Everyone who knows me will know I love ‘comping’ which is basically someone who is addicted to entering competitions! I first got into comping when I was pregnant with my little boy and I realized I needed some help to afford all the things I needed for my soon to be arriving bundle of joy. I started to enter a few competitions here and there and I was absolutely delighted when I won a hamper containing baby-gros, socks and products worth over £100! From that day froward I was hooked! I’ve since gone on to win over £5000 worth of prizes including 4 holidays! Comping really is a way you can treat your family to new experiences, gifts and days out you would of otherwise not been able too. That’s why I love it ! Comping really does take you places !!!

However, it’s certainly not for the time restricted or impatient! It takes time and persistence and I allocate a minimum of 2 hours a day to enter comps which isn’t that hard when my baby is in bed or during nap time! You’ve got to be in it to win it and for me entering on max means odds will allow a prize more often that not. I usually win around 20 to 30 prizes a month which is great going but sometimes I’ll spend 2 to 3 days on a comp that requires a little more effort for a bigger win!

I’ll be sharing lots of tips on my blog with along with my monthly wins, I’m also going to be testing a few products and sharing my reviews and occasionally I may pop on for a ‘mummy rant’ which if you follow me on facebook you will know, wont be for the fainthearted!

I hope you all enjoy reading! moreformummy

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