Teething Matters

As mums we all know teething happens, as a new mum you don’t always know when it’s happening. My little boy, Sonny, spent months gnawing, dribbling, biting down on his fingers and generally crying (screaming) in discomfort. People used to say “Oh he’s teething isn’t he, bless him!” and I’d sit there thinking “I don’t know I cant see a tooth – there is no sign of anything!” It was only after I spoke to my health visitor about it who assured me it was completely normal for a tooth to take a while to cut and that his gums could be sore and swollen for weeks sometimes. I remember his little cheeks would go red, and by red, I mean BRIGHT red and it would always be one cheek at a time leaving him with half a red face and half white!


I spent hours searching google for teething tips, and you name it we tried it but still Sonny ended up miserable, irritated and in a foul mood ! I remember speaking to mums at baby groups about it and there would always be one mum who was finding teething an absolute breeze whose baby was never bothered by teeth, they just woke up one day and bam! There were there ! (leaving me silently sobbing inside)

As Sonny got older we used a freshly cut melon to sink his hot swollen gums into and I have a fab video of him trying his best to figure out what it was and why it tasted so good! However when they are tiny you’re always a bit scared to go straight in with the carrot or frozen banana in fear of them choking but I hear they have these little mesh devices these days that contain the food but don’t allow any pieces big enough to choke on into babys mouth which sound great! I did try a frozen washcloth a few times for him to bite down on which seemed to help a little. I also used to let him bite down on my hands, or massage his gums a little. I even used to give him cheek massages and he loved that! I think the pressure seemed to counteract the pain and he went into a bit of a daze! I still do it now when a molar arrives (so much bigger and more painful).

We also loved using anbesol as that seemed to give him immediate relief, however for those days when it simply wasn’t enough we reached for the Calpol. Always given in the right doses, we found Calpol calmed our baby for a good few hours and even helped so much that he would fall asleep pain-free and settled in my arms. Ah finally – a half or so in peace! Even if it meant pins and needles in my right foot and cramp in my left thigh because heaven forbid, you move when a baby has fallen asleep on you!

I asked some other mums how they felt about using Calpol and the majority seemed to say that it was their last resort after everything else had failed and a lot saved it for night time use to help their little ones sleep better. I find this really interesting as Calpol used in the right doses at the right intervals and short-term according to my doctor is absolutely fine. Given the fact that as mums we all know Calpol works and saves the day I wonder why sometimes we are reluctant to use it short term. What is it we are afraid of?


I personally love the fact that Calpol has a yummy taste, I remember really looking forward to a dose of Calpol as a kid ! I also love the handy syringe that it comes with these days, it provides accurate and fuss free dosing with zero mess. What I would like to see though is some sort of device inside the bottle that pushes up every last bit of its content as I always find when I get to the end of a bottle of Calpol I have to tip it upside down and hold it for ages waiting the last bit to drip onto the syringe (all while my baby is screaming) and it would be quicker and easier and not to mention more cost-effective to the consumer to ensure every last bit of the medicine is used up. What does everyone else think about this idea?

All in all I will always have a bottle of Calpol in my medicine cupboard. To me its one of my essential baby items and I wouldn’t be without it. Sometimes it really is my little lifesaver!

I am a BzzAgent and received free products in exchange for this review. Each opinion is my own and is not influenced in any way by any party but myself.

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