My July Wins

So this is my very first comping winning blog! If you don’t know me then let me introduce my hobby to you, I’m a ‘comper’ someone who enters 100s of competitions most days to help me and my family have treats we wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. I do this alongside surveys, product testing and matched betting to work from home on top of looking after my little boy Sonny. I usually manage to win an average of £400 worth of prizes per month and July didn’t disappoint with £460 worth of goodies to be exact. So without further ado here’s what I won this month and how I did it.

A bundle of Jackson Reece goodies from their facebook page by a simple ‘like and comment’. I only took a quick glance and thought they were toddler snacks at first so my comment was ‘yummy treats’ when they were actually baby wipes and nose wipes in fancy packaging – oops! Just goes to show though that some facebook comps really are random draws! I was more than pleased with these as I always need wipes with a toddler running around!


One of my favourite prizes of the month was a 3 month supply of fruit and vegetables from Riverford which I was thrilled with! I won these by purchasing some promotional benecol yoghurts and entering the bar code online. There’s a draw every week until October with 100 prizes to give away so give it a go if you haven’t already! You can find out more here I cant wait to cook up a storm with my organic treats!


The next was a toy from the tidlo facebook page, again a simple like and comment, the prize was a mystery toy so I decided to give it a bash and hope for something good for Sonny. I thought it was lovely when the promoter got in touch to asked the age and gender of toy I wanted as I presumed they would just send anything so I was delighted when a wooden puzzle arrived with farm sounds as it was perfect for my little one!


I had many more facebook wins this month all via the same entry route of like and comment (sometimes a share was required) and won some ice lolly moulds with sunny d, a prince lionheart potty trainer seat, a Barbie cash register toy from toyseek (will be a gift from Santa to one of my mates little girls) and a clothes bundle with mumsnet worth over £100! So facebook  really did me proud this month!

Here’s a little competition that you are pretty much guaranteed to win as there are 25,000 prizes up for grabs!! I found out about this from one of my favourite comping bloggers Di Coke. You can find out more about her here When you buy a promotional pack of cheerios you can enter the code online here which is found inside the pack to see if you are a winner of one of their limited edition cheerios bowls. I have done this 3 times and won each time! I wanted all 3 of us to have a bowl so I’m happy now! Even if we do have 3 massive boxes of cheerios to get through as a result!

I also had a few twitter wins by simply retweeting which were 2 childrens books from Parents Online, some Dr Beckman stain devils and a cuddly toy.

There was also a few sweepstakes I won which were 2 bags of nappies, skin concentrate, chocolate spread, £20 cash, a beach ball, £10 experience voucher and a free gin and tonic at my local pub – always a winner!

Another of my favourite wins of the month was an academy pack for my little boys nursery! You had to nominate a nursery to win a huge bundle of potty training aids (stickers, badges, pens, pottys, diaries, notebooks etc) and say why your child liked going there. Heres my entry.


I was so pleased as I really wanted to win something for his nursery as I love winning prizes for the kiddies! I was also chuffed when I received a personal potty training pack for Sonny through the post for nominating and taking part! On that note if anyone does have any potty training tips please feel free to share by leaving me a comment ! I will be blogging my progress when the time comes, I am really hoping its not going to be as bad as I think it will be !

I also paid a visit to my local garden centre to spend a £50 voucher I had won with them in their facebook ‘check in’ competition! I found out about this one from Jill one of my fellow compers on my local comping facebook group (thanks Jill!) You had to share a photo next to a floral display found in store and also check in. It amazes me how many people don’t enter these type of competitions properly and just write the usual ‘liked and shared’ thinking that’s going to qualify them an entry. Only 3 people had taken the correct picture for this one and only I checked in to the centre in my post so I was actually the only valid entrant! I wasn’t complaining though and here I am with my trolley full of summer plants that now live happily in my garden!


I also won a cheeky little raffle prize (I LOVE a good raffle!) This one was to raise money for Preston hospital neonatal centre for a cuddle chair to help parents provide skin to skin to their preemies and establish bonding and comfort. I was more than happy to get involved with such a great cause! I won a Nivea skincare set with creams and shower gel in.

My Boobie prize this month was this!!! It’s a barnys ranger binocular set which when I found out I had won I thought would be an actual pair of toy plastic binoculars as oppose to a piece of cardboard – oh dear! I entered to win a holiday and received this instead! Maybe you might have a bit more luck if you try this one out yourself by purchasing the barny cakes available at most supermarkets!


A suprise prize! I do love a surprise prize, one that you have no memory of entering, I received some moshi monster cards through the post addressed to Sonny so I can only presume it was a kids magazine entry for something bigger and I received a runner up prize or something. Still I’m sure he will enjoy playing with them when he is older, makes a change from the masses of Sainsburys lego cards I have collected for him anyway!

That is all for this month but I can’t leave without mentioning my latest holiday I have been on which we won in a competition with London Calling Magazine! We have just returned for a weekend in Poznan in Poland where our flights, hotel, transfers and all inter city travel was paid for! Wow what a prize! I won this by purchasing a ticket to a film festival for £8. Needless to say, it’s the cheapest holiday I’ve ever been on at that price! We had a lovely time, the city was beautiful and so so clean! The food was really  delicious too, I’m definitely a fan of polish cuisine now and certainly plan to take a visit down the polish aisle in Asda next time I visit! I would love to recreate some of the stunning dishes we tried over there! This is why I love to comp, it really does take you places and give you brand new experiences! Here is me and my little boy exploring the Old Market Square in Poznan.


I hope you have enjoyed reading one of my first monthly wins blogging posts! I wish you all a happy comping August and I’m sending you all lots of lucky dust! Until next time……MoreForMummy x



8 thoughts on “My July Wins

    • Aww thanks Nikki! I’m learning from the best hehe! I know I thought the boobie prize feature would be a great excuse to enter for some totally random items 😂 we shall see what August brings us both! Good luck to you and your lovely family too. X


    • Keep at it! Some months I might not win anything on a certain platform but loads on another it’s so random but hopefully a dry spell just means bigger and better things are waiting for you! Lucky Dust to you my friend x ☄


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