August Wins

Hi comping friends! Well what can I say – the month started off badly with a few days dedicated to chasing prizes that never arrived but actually turned into a belter with over £750 worth of prizes arriving!
If you are new to my blog you can find out more about Why I ‘Comp’ here.
But before I start I must say a massive thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send a comment or message following my previous blog The Voice You Think But Shouldn’t Believe about my battle with anxiety. (disclaimer: don’t click if you don’t appreciate blue language!) I am truly touched by the love and support I have received. On that note this would be the perfect time to tell you about I prize I won yesterday which technically should be in my September Wins blog, but I think it would be wrong not to mention it now! I truly believe this prize will help to change my life! I’ve been lucky enough to win a place on a self-appreciation and mindfulness course that is going to be held in a beautiful spa in Chester. The prize is worth £160 and will be run by leading industry experts and the founder of the Restore Juice Company. I won this by a simple like, comment and share on Facebook. I am so excited to go on it and I am really hoping I can learn some calming techniques to improve my condition. I really wanted to win this one and I’m so grateful I did! It’s like the Gods are listening up there!

On to my next prize which was won by taking a creative photo of a snack. The comp was run on all primula social media pages to celebrate the launch of their new packaging. The question was “What can you create in a #AdBreakSqueeze?” The idea being primula cheese is the handy base for a quick and easy snack that can be put together and ready to enjoy all in the space of an adbreak. My entry was very rushed if I’m honest, the tube had been in my fridge for days nagging at me everytime I opened the door to be used for the comp! If you’re anything like me I tend to buy things I need for comps then wait ages to get them entered which sometimes causes me to miss the deadline (which I hate) so I’m trying much harder to be organised! It was 9pm at night, I was hungry and thought sod it – what can I make to win? I decided to squeeze some into some peppadew peppers and enjoy as part of a mini tapas selection!

Although happy with my creation I was annoyed I had rushed it as when I went back to the image to upload it I noticed in the background there was some bog roll I’d used on my toddler at tea time and it really took precedence in the picture! Deciding it just wouldn’t do I played around with some Twitter stickers in an attempt to hide the offending item until I found something that worked perfectly. I ended up with what looked like a sky pause button and my comment was “the only thing I’m pausing is a moment to enjoy it all”. Somehow it worked well and I was picked as one of their winners. I won a £50 supermarket voucher, a 3 month supply of NowTV box sets and the full primula range. Sadly this was a prize I had to chase as my messages were ignored prompting me to contact a previous winner who told me she had exactly the same experience. In the end I sent a screenshot of the terms and conditions highlighting they had been broken as my prize hadn’t been delivered in the said time frame. I received a message back an hour later and I was sent my prize the very next day via courier with 4 extra tubes of cheese as an apology so I can’t complain too much!



I had a much more positive experience with my next prize which was a £30 Costa coffee gift card. I won this through an app I use called SupaPowa.They also have Facebook pages SuperPowa Exeter and SuperPowa Guernsey that run daily comps. When you open the app you have to ‘check in’ to nearby businesses to earn points. You can also earn points by referring friends to join up. The points add up and allow you to enter the daily prize draw and you can enter up to 6 times a day. I was emailed the morning after I entered and they also did a Facebook announcement saying I was the winner. My prize was with me at 9am the very next day! Wow! It’s so refreshing to find a promoter who runs their comps so smoothly – I wish every prize was delivered as quick as this ! They will also be adding a ‘runner up’ prize to the app soon so watch this space!


I also had some great luck with the Cheestrings and Yollies daily competition that is still running.
You may have seen this on the packaging of Cheestrings in the supermarket but you actually don’t need to buy them to enter. You just upload a silly selfie and enter your details. If you are camera-shy you can use the online tool to create a silly Cheestring of your own and enter that way. I did a mixture of both and ended up winning 3 times! They are only little prizes but they are a bit of fun that kids will love. I won 2 kids lunch boxes plus a set of erasers. I’ll be saving one of the lunchboxes as a stocking filler for one of my friends kids. I found out about this comp from my favourite comping blogger Di Coke.
Thanks Di for all your help and advice in the world of comping! Legend!

Now these are not strictly prizes they are freebies but I think it’s only fair I spread the love. If you are not a member of the Boots Review Panel yet you can apply here.
They send you free products in an exchange for a review. I have been lucky enough to be sent £104 worth of stuff this month. I received a set of tweezerman skin tools, 2 bags of bath salts, 3 lipsticks and a mystery skin serum that I won’t find out the price or brand of until I’ve completed my 4 week trial of the product! I must stress not every month is as good as this but I’ve recently updated my online profile and always leave detailed reviews within the time frame required so I think that may have helped. It’s probably not for you if you only spend the time to write a quick 2 line review as people do want an honest opinion with as much detail as possible and if there’s something you don’t like about a product don’t be afraid to put it in the review, it won’t go against you for future campaigns. Give as much info as you can and always check your profile regularly for new questionnaires. Good Luck if you do decide to apply.

Another one of my fave prizes this month was a break in a luxury spa in the Cotswolds that costs over £300 per night to stay in (OMG!) with free gin and vodka drinks included! Awesome! This was run by a distillery who had partnered with the spa for the comp. It was a really simple online entry form so no effort required so I feel very lucky to have been picked out! I hear the Cotswolds is a beautiful place and I’m very excited to take a luxury break away!

Another Facebook comp I won was Poundshops #PoundshopSummerSavers. You had to upload a picture of you enjoying summer and I chose this one. I’ve used it in a few comps and it’s never won, I think it’s because people might think it’s doctored as I always have questions like how we managed to jump so high when I post it. In reality we didn’t – the camera was just on the floor! I was about to give up recycling this image because of it but it was a nice surprise when the poundshop picked it as their winner. I was sent a summer bundle containing a beach towel, hair spray, bottled water, sun cream, bin bags, a drinks flask, a Lilo, a candle and an underwater camera!


I also had some other little wins across August which were:

A minions beach ball and bath sponge
2 stamped postcards (always appreciated when you’re a comper!)
A free meal with drinks included at a local tapas restaurant
A Peter Rabbit plush
Antibacterial wipes
An annual magazine subscription
A lipstick worth £18


So all in all a pretty successful month! If anyone isn’t a comper I would like to say I’m not “lucky” as my friends call me. For every 1 competition I win, I lose about 99. I always try to enter around 100 comps a day – a complete mixture of social media, online entry and effort required to give a fair mix. It takes around 2 hours a day (more if I have a big ‘effort required’ one to enter) and I do them when my son is napping or in bed so it doesn’t interfere too much in daily life. That being said, I’m going to take a little break from comping this month to work on calming my mind – I’ve booked into have some hypnotherapy sessions along with the course I won so hopefully with some dedication I can work through things. I also need to do some jobs around the house that need polishing off before Christmas arrives (I can’t believe I said the C word already!) but I’ll be back on the comping scene in October in an attempt to win my Christmas shopping! Good luck to you all for September and I wish you lots of lucky dust. I hope you have enjoyed reading.

Happy September!




6 thoughts on “August Wins

  1. That’s an amazing photo of you and your fella, wish mine was photogenic! 😂🤣
    I would recommend a course of reflexology for stress and anxiety and general well-being, it worked wonders for me when I didn’t even realise I was so stressed out and just thought I had a tummy bug or something!

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