September Wins

Hi Compers!

Welcome to my September wins post and what a fantastic month its been with £922 worth of prizes! Wowzers. I actually only ‘comped’ for an estimated 10 days as I was having a little break which I think did me the world of good! Sometimes you can get so bogged down with entering EVERYTHING for fear of ‘missing out’ you actually end up missing the lower entry ones so the lesson I’ve learnt is to just do what I can in the time I have and stop pressuring myself to scramble all the ending today and EOMS together to try to get them all entered. I’ll definitely be picking and choosing my comps more carefully from now on as I think I’ve won more as a result.

I mentioned in my August Wins I had won a mindfulness course in Cheshire which I am one week away from completing and I have to say mindfulness is one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done! I actually think it’s helped me win more by just learning to calm my thoughts and in turn think more clearly. I’ll do a separate blog on that so I don’t waffle too much but in summary I’m so grateful to The Restore Juice Company and Irene Afful who is a life coach for all the help they have given me during my time in Chester. The course was worth £160 but really it was priceless in terms of value it has brought to my life.

On to my most surprising win of September which was a fitbit charge 2. I was really pleased with this one as when I received a winners call they just said I had won ‘an activity tracker’ and I presumed it would be a fitbit flex so when the charge 2 arrived I was thrilled! I won this in the Sainsbury’s purchase necessary highland spring comp. I bought a bottle of highland spring and had to text a number with a code so with the water and text I probably spent around £2 but won a prize worth £120 as a result! Sainsburys run regular swipe to win comps where you just have to purchase an eligible item and swipe your nectar card to be entered, infact they are running one right now to win another 1 of 50 fitbit charge 2s! Let me know if you will be entering!


My next prize was a children’s book won on Toppsta although technically this is another freebie that you have to review. Toppsta run monthly giveaways to enter and you can clearly see the age ranges the books are suited for so you can pick and choose which ones you would like. It’s a not a guaranteed freebie as its a prize draw but if you win make sure you complete a detailed review afterwards of the book to increase your winning chances next time. This is my 2nd win on toppsta so it’s worth a shot.


Next up was an Insta win, I don’t tend to have much luck on Instagram comps but this month I managed to bag a luxury lingerie set from Fantasie that retails at £56! It’s been a long time coming getting some decent undies after pregnancy and nursing my son so I was delighted with this! If anyone does have any tips for comping on Instagram please share them with me in the comments!


Next was a Facebook like and share comp that I found on my local group I created. I would really recommend setting up a local comping Facebook group if you don’t have one in your area as not only does it save your profile and friends newsfeeds getting cluttered as you can share comps to the group but you also manage to find many more local comps as a result! I know some people don’t like the share aspect as it encourages more entrants and of course it’s against facebook rules as I learnt from my favourite comping blogger Di Coke. (She has written a post all about facebook sharing and why its unfair – take a look here Stop the Shares!) but I have to admit I do still like to have go at them! I was lucky enough to win a pair of RayBan sunglasses from a local opticians and I felt like a celeb when they led me to the RayBan cabinet and said ‘pick one and if you don’t like any we will just order you some in’  I was absolutely gobsmacked! I tried on nearly every pair and finally settled on some lovely pink tinted ones. I adore them but I’m also a little scared to wear them in case I lose or damage them!


I had a few more Facebook wins which included a meal at nandos, a selfie stick, some vitamins, a lovely gift for my dad off Santa (which I can’t reveal in case he sees this) and tickets to the baby and toddler show in Manchester which of course led me to enter more comps on the day and in true comper style I researched all the stands that were holding raffles or prize draws and even made a list of all the stand locations so I knew exactly where to head on the day! Fingers crossed I get a couple more wins out of that prize!


I also managed to win £90 of Amazon vouchers this month! I won £40 one by sharing a picture on Twitter of my car for Chiswick Honda and a £50 one from Greeneking. They had a promotion running on speckled hen bottles where you had to text a number to say why you deserved to win an ultimate den which consisted of a bundle of electrical items. I didn’t win the ultimate den but I did come out with a runner up prize which was an Amazon firestick. When I received the call the lady asked if I already owned a smart TV and if so would I prefer an Amazon voucher to the firestick! How kind! I took her up on her offer and bought my little boy some Christmas presents with it! Another text to win success!


I also won another lunchbox in the Emoji Cheesestrings Draw this is my 4th win in this so give it a go! I’m saving all the prizes I win to give as stocking fillers for my friends kids!

Another freebie to review was won with the TheInsiders. I’ve been a member for a few months now and I’ve never been picked for a campaign so I was pleased to finally be chosen. I won some joint vitamins which retail at £30. I’m hoping it helps my knee condition chrondomalacia which I have as a result of years of dancing as a kid topped by being hit by a car when I was 17! I’m intrigued to see if these vitamins improve my condition, apparently they are a huge hit in the states so fingers crossed.


Another little win came through for my mum from a local clinic offering a free facial specially designed for cancer patients. Some of you may know my mum has stage 4 cancer so this was a fab way to cheer her up! I must thank Katie from my facebook group who originally tagged me in the comp and everyone else who nominated my mum to win. It wasn’t a voting comp just a prize draw so I was thrilled for my mum. For anyone just starting out in the comping world voting comps are pretty frowned upon – the reason being you can easily buy votes as ‘likes’ online therefore its easy to manipulate the results so a lot of compers tend to avoid them.

I ended the month on a wonderful win. A retirement company were asking people why they felt their grandparents were #GrandHeros and you had to submit a photo or video of them with your answer. I entered on behalf of my little boy for his grandpa who is a truly wonderful man who at the age of 85 is still more than happy to get down in his hands and knees to entertain a toddler! My winning entry about Alasdair can be seen here. I won a lovely prize for him and his wife which again I can’t mention as I’m planning on giving it to them at Christmas but I’m sure the eagle eyed compers out there will know what prize it was! As part of the prize I was able to donate £100 to a charity of my choice so I chose Community Christmas who cook for and visit elderly people who are alone on Christmas day. To think of anyone spending that day alone is heart breaking so seeing as the prize was being saved for Xmas I thought this was the perfect choice!

I said in my last post I wanted to comp my way to winning my Christmas shopping and I’m not too far off ! That’s my dad and my son’s grandparents sorted plus a few of my friends kids and a few stocking fillers for my son. I would like to win something for my husband and his godchildren this month and a couple more for my mum as she deserves a lovely Christmas this year. Of course presents aren’t everything but they do help! Is anyone else attempting to win their Christmas gifts this month? What’s in your wish list?

That’s it for this months post – good luck to all for October!





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