Daily Comps for cash prizes

These are some of the free daily comps I enter. Yes they are boring to enter but the prizes are usually big cash amounts and I’ve seen so many fellow compers miss out on their prize because they didn’t check them each day. Personally I have won £10 once on them so not a massive amount but I’m keeping the faith that one day I will scroll through and see my name! I do know people who have won so they are genuine. They are all free to enter and require you to log on each day to see if you have won. If you don’t log in and claim your prize that day you will lose it. You can set daily email reminders to make sure you don’t forget. I usually check them last thing at night as that’s when all the daily draws have taken place (as they draw at different times throughout the day) and also it sends me to sleep as they are a bit mind numbing! Some of these lotteries have prize funds into their £1000s so it’s worth it to check in my book!

Set this post as a bookmark in your browser for quick and easy access.



A daily draw at 4pm to win cash, simply cook subscriptions and restaurant vouchers, plus any player that doesn’t claim has their winnings rolled over to the next daily draw to another player.



Badger The Button

Win £10 cash each day, £15 weekly and £100 monthly. Press the red button for each draw and if it turns gold you have won. Each time you ‘badger’ the button it earns you a draw entry, you can do this throughout the day. I usually do it twice.


Big Free Giveaway

Win cash each week. Log in daily to claim a ticket for that weeks raffle.
10 winners are drawn at 6pm each week


Free Postcode Lottery

The main draw is the BIG one with cash prizes of around £1000, watch a video and take a quick survey to see the results of 2 further draws and check the stackpot and bonus draws after then, that’s 5 chances each day to win!

facethumbFree Treats

Daily draws to win chocolate, crisps, coffee and cash. Log in at least once in 2 weeks or your account becomes inactive. When you come back and it will reactivate instantly for the next days draw.

doblotto      DOB Lotto

Daily draw to win £50 and a 30pts draw to win £5. Earn points by logging in each day.


Bobs Lucky Patch

Grab 5 patches of land each day to win cash, there are 2 draws each day with a cash prize on average of £50 if your patch is drawn


Free National Lotto

Daily draw £5 to £15 and the 5 ball draw is a rollover from the previous daily draws unclaimed winnings. if you have won you will see a ‘claim’ button next to the winning numbers


My Free Postcode Lottery

Daily draws to win £100, £25, and £5. Use code nmLDcAhU when you sign up if you found this post helpful.


Happy Birthdates
10 x daily draws to win £100 plus shop through their Amazon link and get all your purchases as cashback on top of your winnings!

lucky_mascot_home_smallLucky Phone
3 daily draws to win cash plus a chance to win points in each draw which you can exchange for cash once you have enough.


The Street Lottery

Daily draws to win cash with 5 chances to win cash each day


Free Birthdate Lotto

There’s a birthday and survey draw each day plus games and instant win comps. I just check for my birthdate and don’t bother with the games.


Free Lucky Lottery

Choose a 4 digit number to enter the daily raffle, then claim loyalty points which are stashed up through the year for the christmas mega draw! Each point is an entry into the mega draw.

Give them a go and let me know if you win on them, remember they are all free to play and you have much better odds of winning on these than the national lotto. It takes me around 10 minutes each day to whizz through them. Its certainly worth a go.

Good Luck!

This post contains referral links and as always any opinions expressed in this post do not reflect those of the brands mentioned


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