Where have I been? Why I’ve not been blogging this year……

So firstly how can I apologise enough for my absence this year!!!!! My blog was taking off really well last year and I vowed to make a proper go of it. After all I love to write, it’s like free therapy! But what happened? I guess I went through some challenging times and I just stopped writing. I sunk myself into the world of social media, home improvement and comping because writing just seemed like another thing to do on my ever lasting to do list.
I forgot how therapeutic it was for me and went inside myself for a little bit. Mainly I didn’t know how I felt about what was happening in my life and how to proceed – so how could I possibly write about it if I didn’t even understand it all myself?

I put this blog to the back of my mind and carried on with life albeit somewhat depressed and anxious, mainly about family issues.
As I have previously written about, my parents are both ill, mum is coping with stage 4 breast cancer and currently undergoing a hip op to stabilise her pelvis and femur due to increased tumour growth.
And Dad had his care funding ceased due to ‘reduced needs’. Despite being paralysed, tube fed and only 3 months earlier being in a coma due to aspiration, the government still decided he should be ‘self funded’ leaving him with a £400 a week care bill. Not wanting to lose his home he worked so hard for before his accident, he took the decision to move back home with my mum, not an ideal solution with her being so poorly but – how could we stop him? It’s his choice after all. It was simply a case of lose his home or lose his care. Which would you choose?

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Family life aside, my ‘career’ has also taken a different, new and exciting turn. After being a regular at mum and baby groups over the past 2 years I was given an opportunity to run a local weekly group after the previous volunteer went to work abroad. Thinking it wouldn’t be a massive deal as I went along anyway I said yes and took over a 60 minute weekly session for babies and toddlers. Little did I know the work that would go along side it, I very naively thought I could just make a few brews, whack a few toys out and jobs a gudden. But I had to familiarise myself with health and safety guidelines and get all my paperwork and insurance in order. Not as easy as it sounds.

I have to plan my sessions 2 months ahead and think about what group activities we will be doing. I like to keep it simple the majority of the time but once a month I try to include something a little extra for the mums and babies, mainly taster sessions of local courses in the area – so far we’ve had the joy of experiencing bilingua-sing, baby sensory, lego building, outdoor picnics and a breastfeeding support morning. It was here that I was approached by a manager from Families and Babies Lancashire who asked if I had ever considered taking a more supportive role in helping mothers to breastfeed, she said I would be the perfect candidate to help nurture local mums and their babies on their feeding journey.
I went away and considered my options, how would this fit in with my life caring for my parents, running a home, being a mummy to a very active (demanding) toddler, and running the baby group?

I sat on it for 2 weeks and came to the conclusion that this could actually be really helpful for me to channel into something other than ‘role of SAHM’. It would be something I could do for myself and build my CV with and potentially take on as a paid career as I grew in experience. With it being a volunteer role I could easily fit it in with childcare and of course let’s not forget everyone knows I have a passion for breast milk! (In the most un-weirdest way the stuff amazes me! Especially as I learn more about it!) So with all that in mind I decided to give it my best shot and I’ve been studying hard to get qualified as a result.

I expect for be qualified by January 2019. Once I am it means I can start running regular bf support mornings at my local library and visit mums on maternity wards to help them get off to the best start with their babies. I don’t necessarily want to ramble on about breastfeeding in this post but somehow it’s ending up that way! Also just to clarify I am NOT anti-formula. What I am is ‘anti lack of support’. I firmly believe mother’s need more help especially in those early days/weeks where there simply has to be more done. You can’t just tell a mother breastfeeding is best for her baby all the way through her pregnancy then leave her to cope alone once she’s left the hospital! A bit of post birth support is where I hope to come in to help mums continue feeding as long as they feel happy to do so.

The day I found out I got the job as a breastfeeding peer supporter, here I am with my ‘boob prop’!
My mum and baby group in full swing!

So you can see I’ve been somewhat overloaded! But actually I wish I’d kept on writing as I have had so many lovely experiences to share over the past few months that I wish I’d posted. But I’m back now and I hope to re-build my blogging community and support network for mummy’s.

Readers who used to visit my site know I mainly blog about comping, which is still very much a fixture in my life! I just love competitions and winning things for my family! But I’m definitely going to start incorporating more of ‘mummy life’, my infant feeding journey and how I am coping with my parents illness alongside reviews of the latest mum and baby stuff out there! Just my life in general really!
Hopefully I can create some half decent content to make a significant reach to help get my ‘moreformummy’ community built back up!

Please forgive me for my lack of presence, and know I am very much now back on the blogging scene.

Thank you for reading!

Bex xxx

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