Where have I been? Why I’ve not been blogging this year……

So firstly how can I apologise enough for my absence this year!!!!! My blog was taking off really well last year and I vowed to make a proper go of it. After all I love to write, it’s like free therapy! But what happened? I guess I went through some challenging times and I just stopped writing. I sunk myself into the world of social media, home improvement and comping because writing just seemed like another thing to do on my ever lasting to do list.
I forgot how therapeutic it was for me and went inside myself for a little bit. Mainly I didn’t know how I felt about what was happening in my life and how to proceed – so how could I possibly write about it if I didn’t even understand it all myself?

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How I had a £1000 Christmas for just £100.

Christmas…..the most magical and expensive time of the year! It’s stressful enough having to get all those gifts wrapped, prep the food, clean the house from top to bottom and sort out that fucking elf without having to worry about the looming credit card bills and overdraft in January. So I’m here to show you how I did my entire £1000 Christmas for only £100!

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The Voice You Think But Shouldn’t Believe.

Today I want to talk about my arsehole. No – not my actual arsehole – although if you want to talk post partum or ‘forever partum’ piles for that matter, I’m all ears. Note to self : I must try and write a blog that doesn’t mention body parts soon.

Anyway! My arsehole is what I like to call the fucking twat of a negative voice inside my head. The one that says I’m not a good enough mum, wife, weight, daughter and friend. The one that when I look in the mirror screams out my bad points instead of my good. The critical arsehole that simply never shuts up. The voice I think but shouldn’t believe.

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