My July Wins

So this is my very first comping winning blog! If you don’t know me then let me introduce my hobby to you, I’m a ‘comper’ someone who enters 100s of competitions most days to help me and my family have treats we wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. I do this alongside surveys, product testing and matched betting to work from home on top of looking after my little boy Sonny. I usually manage to win an average of £400 worth of prizes per month and July didn’t disappoint with £460 worth of goodies to be exact. So without further ado here’s what I won this month and how I did it. Continue reading

Are you a Maternal Gatekeeper?

So here’s a term I learnt recently – Maternal Gatekeeping.

This is what psychologists refer to as a ‘a mother who’s beliefs and behaviour inhibit greater father involvement in family life.’ Continue reading

Teething Matters

As mums we all know teething happens, as a new mum you don’t always know when it’s happening. My little boy, Sonny, spent months gnawing, dribbling, biting down on his fingers and generally crying (screaming) in discomfort. Continue reading

Why I ‘Comp’.

Everyone who knows me will know I love ‘comping’ which is basically someone who is addicted to entering competitions! I first got into comping when I was pregnant with my little boy and I realized I needed some help to afford all the things I needed for my soon to be arriving bundle of joy. I started to enter a few competitions here and there and I was absolutely delighted when I won a hamper containing baby-gros, socks and products worth over £100! From that day froward I was hooked! I’ve since gone on to win over £5000 worth of prizes including 4 holidays! Continue reading