Daily Comps for cash prizes

These are some of the free daily comps I enter. Yes they are boring to enter but the prizes are usually big cash amounts and I’ve seen so many fellow compers miss out on their prize because they didn’t check them each day. Personally I have won £10 once on them so not a massive amount but I’m keeping the faith that one day I will scroll through and see my name! I do know people who have won so they are genuine. They are all free to enter and require you to log on each day to see if you have won. If you don’t log in and claim your prize that day you will lose it. You can set daily email reminders to make sure you don’t forget. I usually check them last thing at night as that’s when all the daily draws have taken place (as they draw at different times throughout the day) and also it sends me to sleep as they are a bit mind numbing! Some of these lotteries have prize funds into their £1000s so it’s worth it to check in my book!

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What I won in December and how I did it.

Welcome to 2018!

Another fantastic year for comping in 2017 with £8286 worth of prizes making it my best year yet. I’d love to smash this year by doubling my winnings so I’m going to aim for £16,000 as 2018’s comping goal! There are some amazing compers out there to look up to and one of my comping idols is Di Coke who has won over £300,000 worth of prizes in her comping career and has a fantastic blog over on SuperLucky Di is proof that it can be done so wish me luck!

December was good to me as I got to enjoy a Spa Break in The Cotswolds with 3 of my friends that I won with Chase Distillery. It was a simple online prize draw so definitely a bit of luck involved with this one! The prize was worth over £1500 as we had all our drinks and food included too! We enjoyed cocktails of Chase vodka and gin (my new very firm favourite) some wonderful treatments and stayed in the hotels top suites complete with a freestanding copper bath! We were lucky enough to have snow whilst we there which was just magical (until we had to drive home that is) but this was 100% one of my best prizes ever!


Now on to my december comping total which stands at with £337 and here’s what I won:

Another box of nappy creams and a cuddly toy – sent by a panel I review products for, you can join them here TheInsiders I think this was a prize for the most active reviewers on the site.


Phonics book kit – UkMumsTV prize draw


In The Night Garden Magnets – online sweepstakes where 1000s were given out as part of a Christmas Advent


Coca Cola truck snow globe – sent for free by their Twitter page in response to a compliment post I sent them see more about this here How I had a £1000 Christmas for just £100.


Years supply of bubble gum – I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with a years supply of bubble gum, I’m thinking stocking fillers for next year perhaps? This was won in a Twitter photo competition. You had to send a selfie of you blowing a bubble! This hasn’t arrived yet so I’ll be sure to share a pic when it does but for now here’s the winning photo instead!


Tractor ted set – Facebook like and comment (my little boy LOVES It!)


Candle collection – a set of Only & Eves entire candle collection retailing at £120! A simple Facebook like and comment.


Fingerling – Facebook like and comment (my friends little girl was very pleased!)


Fleece jumpsuit – Instagram like and comment


Coffee and mince pies for 4 at my local pub – Facebook like and comment


I also had a fab month freebie hunting which I do alongside my comping and managed to bag these goodies:

Peppa pig DVD – sky were giving away a free film to customers

Energy gels – found via Latest Free Stuff my fave freebie hunting site

Graze – grab your 1st, 5th and 10th box for free by joining and entering RODERI9JP in the ‘special code’ code box. There’s no obligation to continue so just get your free one then cancel if you don’t fancy subscribing. They deliver delicious healthy snacks to your door as often as you like, you can choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Simply Cook boxes – these usually cost £9.99 each but I paid £1 for my first box and got 2 free for referring friends. They contain ingredients to cook delicious meals with. Again if you don’t fancy subscribing just get your first box for £1 then cancel. You can get your £1 box here SimplyCook and entering code RM2053 at checkout which will reduce the price. I can’t wait for my first one to arrive!

Various perfume and skincare Samples – found again via Latest Free Stuff
Pads – found on Magic Freebies (another freebie hunting site)

Book – Another Magic Freebies find

Cat food – Magic Freebies

Toothpaste and Toothbrush – I used the Shopmium App to get these for free. Download the app and enter code AACGAFEN to grab a free lindt chocolate bar. They do various freebies regularly as well as great discounts. Just add them to your basket at your local shop and get paid cashback instantly into PayPal when you upload your receipt.

Lipstick – Cougar Facebook page were giving loads of these away with a like and comment.

Toucan Box – another get your first box free deal which I was convinced I would cancel but I was so impressed with it that I think I’ll carry on with them. Grab your free one here Toucan Box and see what you think. You can cancel at any time.


Not bad at all for December which was mostly spent losing my shit getting very stressed over Christmas! I’m so glad it’s over and we can all get back to reality now! On that note please take a look at my blog How I had a £1000 Christmas for just £100. I’m hoping to beat this for Xmas 2018 by saving all my cashback from sites I use throughout the year. I’ve already made £24.82 cash in december via Topcashback! If you sign up to them now you can grab a £5 argos gift voucher to use for next year too. I’m also a big fan of Quidco and GreenJinn so Ill be saving the cashback from them too.

Wishing you all luck for a comping 2018 and please share your comping goals with me in a comment below. Also let me know if there’s anything in particular you really want to win this year and if I spot a comp for it I’ll be sure to tag you in it!

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